ask her to come and see me

Bài 1: Chia động từ

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1, It was a really difficult task (take), sánh we had vĩ đại ask Tom (help) us with it

2, She was about (go) when Tom (come) (visit) her. She (talk) vĩ đại her for a few minutes and then (apologize) vĩ đại him for (be) busy (get) (attend) a meeting

3, It (be) brave of the fireman (rush) into the fire ( rescue) the victims

4, We always have difficulty (go) abroad (learn) because we often waste a lot of time (get) vĩ đại know the customs and culture in this country. I used vĩ đại (spend) two months (get) used vĩ đại (drive) on the left when I first (be) vĩ đại London

5, Seldom he (go) (fish) last year. But he is accustomed vĩ đại (do) sánh this year

6, There is no one for u (make) friends in this area. I (stay) here for two months and all the people here are strange vĩ đại me

7, She sometimes gets Daisy (make) her new skirts

8, They had the roof of the house (mend) by Peter

9, Do you dare (open) my letter? No, I dare not (open) it

10, She must (come) trang chính late last night, because her mother (phone) u when I (watch) TV at 11 she (not turn) back yet

11, I hear his voice from the room. He must (talk) vĩ đại Nam now

12, We shouldn't (tell) her the news yesterday. I think it might (make) her upset

13, He went vĩ đại work late this morning.I don't know the reason, but I think he might (stay) up late last night (watch) TV

14, (Read) in the bad light (make) her eyes bad. She shouldn't (do) lượt thích that

15, I have no objection vĩ đại (hear) your problem again but try (tell) u about it in short words. I'm afraid of (tell) untrue things

16, She postponed (give) u the tape. I (ask) her twice but she (not return) it yet

17, He admited (brake) sánh suddenly, sánh the accident (happen)

18, Stop (run) on the grass. We(plant) it recently. It needs (water) more

19, She prefers ( listen ) vĩ đại country music vĩ đại (watch) action movies

20, I denied (help) her and that made her (feel) angry

21, He bought a Vietnamese-English dictionary and (give) it vĩ đại me

22, The coffee was OK but the cream (be) sour

23, He has a piano and a violin now, but he (not have) a flute

24, He says he (arrive) on time yesterday

25, I used vĩ đại lượt thích (go) vĩ đại our local cinema

26, I don't mind (walk) hom but I'd rather (get) a taxi

27, I can't make a decision (do) it. I keep (change) my mind

28, I regret (tell) you that we will have vĩ đại leave here tomorrow

29, David regretted (not attend) the contest last Sunday

30, How vì thế you make this machine (work)? - I am not sure. Try (press) this button

31, The water is not very good. It should be avoided (drink)

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32, Het got the xế hộp (mend) yesterday

33, They don't allow (smoke) in here. They don't want it (burn) out

34, He risked (run) on the edge of the deep lake. This hould (ban)

35, I'm looking forward vĩ đại (see) him again

36, He dreads (have) vĩ đại (retire)

37, I arranged (meet) him

38, I wish (see) the manager

39, It's no use (wait) for her

40, He warned her (not touch) that wire

41, Don't forget (lock) the door before (go) vĩ đại bed

42, I can't understand her (behave) lượt thích that

43, He tried (explain) but she refused (listen)

44, At dinner she annoyed u by (smoke)

45, He decided (disguise) himself by (dress) lượt thích a woman

46, After (run) for two hours, We stopped (let) them (catch) up

47, I'm beginning (understand) what you (say)

48, He surprised us all by (leave) the room without (say) goodbye vĩ đại everyone

49,He wore dark glasses vĩ đại avoid (recognize), but finally he (recognize) by a fan

50, Before (give) evidence, you must swear (tell) the truth

51, I tried (persuade) him (go) wth us but he (refuse) (do) so

52, The dog couldn't help (treat) lượt thích that, So he (jump) up (attrack) the man

53, Do stop (talk)! I'm trying (finish) my letter

54, He hates (call) by strangers at night, sánh he often lets it (ring)

55, I's prefer (drive) myself. Meanwhile she would rather (pick) up by the others kêu ca (drive) myself

56, I have no intention of (go) vĩ đại that film, I couldn't bear (see) my favorite actress in such a dreadful part

57, I suggest (telephone) the hospital (ask) something about disease instead of (get) there (have) a medial kiểm tra up

58, The first man (inform) u the news is John

59, The most interesting book (write) by him is " Gone with the wind"

60, Did you remember (lock) the car? No, I didn't. I'd better (go) and lock it now

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