culture has a strong influence on non verbal communication

The importance of non-verbal communication

D Phutela- IUP Journal of Soft Skills, năm ngoái - tìm kiế

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… the person you are speaking. Non-verbal communication has a great influence over our
social environment and the whole communication process. There are four important functions of …

[PDF][PDF] Role of non-verbal communication in education

JJ Okon- Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 2011 - Citeseer

… to lớn examine nonverbal behavior and tailor non-verbal behavior to lớn … overall impact the non-verbal
communication can have on … to lớn understand this sườn of communication and to lớn employ it …

Non-verbal communication in human social interaction

M Argyle- Non-verbal communication, 1972 -

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… involving nonverbal cues in the interaction process. Most human social interaction involves
verbal as well as non-verbal communication, and most of the studies in this area have been …

How to lớn read non verbal communication in organisations

J Larson, BH Kleiner- Management Research News, 2004 -

… offered by Marvin Bower, author of The Will to lớn Manage, who describes the informal cultural
has a culture. Regardless of whether the culture is weak or strong, it has a powerful influence

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