situated on the central coast of vietnam

I. Read the passage, and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each question.

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Situated on the central coast of Viet Nam, which is famous for many beautiful beaches. Lang Co Beach, since June 2009, has become an official thành viên of the “World’s most beautiful bays” club. Today, it is a popular destination for tourists in Viet Nam, especially for those who love beach ví much.

With the length of approximately 10 kilometres, Lang Co Beach located in Lang Co town, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien- Hue province is next vĩ đại the National Highway 1A and near Hai Van Pass.

Lying on the most beautiful curve of the country, Lang Co has almost everything that the nature can offer: green mountains and tropical forests, smooth white sand, full of sunshine and cool, xanh rớt and clear sea as crystal, and the average temperature of 250C in summer. It is an attractive destination for both domestic and international tourists in Viet Nam. It is the third cất cánh of Viet Nam, after Ha Long and Nha Trang named in the list of 30 most beautiful bays in the globe.

It can be said that nobody can resist a nature beauty lượt thích Lang Co town. This small and peaceful town will give you the most relaxing time and many games at the beach. In addition, you will have good time vĩ đại enjoy the seafood with various kinds of shrimps, lobster, crab, butter-fish, mackerel fish, oysters, etc. and not far from the beach are some attractions such as Kang Co fishing village, Chan May scenery.

Lying on the "Central Heritage Road", Lang Co is very close vĩ đại other famous attractions such as the Imperial City of Hue, Hoi An Ancient Town, Son Tra Peninsula where the famous Son Tra Natural Reserve and beautiful beaches located, and ví many more.

1. Lang Co beach is located ...... .

A. between Hoi An Ancient Town and Son Tra Peninsula

B. on the most beautiful curve of Viet Nam

C. 10 kilometres away from Hue

D. under Hai Van Pass

2. The most important reason why ví many tourists come vĩ đại Lang Co beach is that ..... .

A. it is the third most beautiful beach in Viet Nam

B. they can enjoy various kinds of seafood

C. they can come vĩ đại the famous Son Tra Natural Reserve

D. it is considered an ideal place for beach lovers

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3. All of the following are attractions of Lang Co Beach EXCEPT .......

A. the National Highway 1A next vĩ đại it

B. smooth white sand, and full of sunshine

C. cool, xanh rớt and clear sea as crystal

D. its location on the "Central Heritage Road"

4. We can infer from the passage that Lang Co Beach ........ .

A. is very hot during summer

B.isthe most beautiful cất cánh in the world

C. enjoy the harmony of nature and humans

D. is the first thành viên of the “World’s most beautiful bays” club in Viet Nam

5. Coming vĩ đại Lang Co Beach, you can bởi all of the following activities EXCEPT ........

A. relaxing and joining in beach games

B. sunbathing on many beautiful beaches

C. visiting the nearby fishing village

D. enjoying seafood

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